Welcome to eSkape Drafting!

Hi! My name is Wayne Gryde, and I founded eSkape Drafting with the vision of providing a multi-faceted vessel of digital creative services to my customers. These services come in various forms, namely through 3D modeling and mechanical drafting using SolidWorks, and Professional Writing. Here are just a few of the ways I can help get your product to market faster, easier, and cheaper…

3D Modelling/Mechanical Drafting

With over 25 years invested in the field of mechanical drafting, I’ve been able to achieve my Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE) status in the areas of Core Solid Modeling, Advanced Drafting Techniques, Sheet Metal, Weldments, and Surfacing.


Using 3D Modeling allows us to visualize an idea for a product and test the fit and function and make changes to the design as needed to avoid a potential expensive cycle of manufacturing a physical product, finding out it doesn’t fit and enduring the trial and error until the product is finally ready to mass produce.

Reverse Engineering

By measuring an existing product, I am able to create a full working 3D model. That virtual model can then be used in a variety of ways. For example, I can make a set of production drawings to help standardize your manufacturing process, or design a new part to replace a broken item, or create prototype upgrades to the original product.

Welding Fixtures

Once the 3D model of the product is complete, it can be used to create fixtures/jigs that will make life much easier for welders to get the final product right every time.

Parts Books/Instruction Manuals

Using exploded assemblies in conjunction with a numbered Bill of Materials, I can help put together a comprehensive parts book and instruction manual that can accompany your products to assist your customers post-sale

Marketing Documentation

With my ability to create photorealistic renderings and animated videos of your digital product, I can help enhance your advertising and show potential customers what your product can do.


Inventors usually need some sort of drawing to submit to a patent office in order to procure a claim to intellectual property. I can provide professional production and assembly drawings based on simple hand-drawn design sketches that can be used in your proposal

3D Printing

The digital version of a product can be communicated to a 3D printer for a less-expensive physical representation of your product. You can use that to first determine it will work in the real world before going into full production with the final materials. Or you can use the 3D printed items as the selling product itself.

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