About Me

Wayne Gryde

Growing up on a small farm in Southwest Saskatchewan, I was raised in an environment where it was important to be able to do a variety of tasks. It made it difficult to choose a career path once I graduated from high school, but I was introduced to Computer Drafting in Shop Class and I developed a fascination for it. While the rest of my classmates were doing woodworking, I was on the computer, drawing orthographic views. I felt a calling to be a draftsperson, so I jetted off to college to achieve my Engineering Design and Drafting Technology Diploma. I was soon introduced to what would turn out to be a long and healthy relationship with SolidWorks, which I would use at Honey Bee Mfg and Enduron Inc. During this time, I honed my skills seeing countless projects through from start to finish. Using base designs from engineers, I’d create or modify 3D models and then compose manufacturing drawings that could be used for production of the parts. In addition, I created large-scale assemblies, complete with exploded views and detailed Bills of Materials with instructions on how to put them together. 

I then had the opportunity to step into a Technical Support role for Automated Design Systems, now known as Javelin Technologies, where I would spend my days taking calls from other engineers and drafters that used SolidWorks to help them troubleshoot the program and offer advice on the best way to create a specific model. Through this role and on-the-job training, I was able to become a Certified SolidWorks Expert , with certifications in Core Solid-Modeling, Advanced Drafting Techniques, Sheet Metal, Weldments, and Surfacing (if you don’t believe me, view here, click ‘Certified Users’ on the left).

But…why eSkape?

I chose the name eSkape as a nod to my Norwegian heritage. The word “skape”, in Norwegian, means “to create”. Throw in the “e”, and you’ve got “electronically create”. Creating things electronically is what I love to do!